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The Only onion you ever need

These Tree onions (Egyptian Walking Onions) grow taller than normal commercial onions and produce a cluster of miniature onions instead of normal flowers. You can pick these to use in salads or plant them to increase your onion patch. They're great as pickles too!

No need to buy Spring Onions

Masses of tasty green growth you can cut and come again to use instead of spring onions. Delicious flavour and fantastic when the wide hollow stems are filled with cottage or cream cheese

A Versatile Multiplier Onion - Grow extra bulbs like a shallot

Unlike typical onions that produce a single bulb during the growing season you will find that these tree onions will often split naturally to produce 2 or more bulbs from the base so you can eat some and plant the rest to maintain your stock

Disease Resistant and Winter hardy

You will find that these onions are more resistant to pests and diseases. They have survived and thrived for at least 160 years. They will readily survive the British Winter but it's best to hedge your bets and protect them from damp, waterlogged soil and mulch to protect from surface frosts. Other than that, they aren't very demanding.

Heritage Onion - An Historic Talking Point - Catawissa Pennysylvania

Tree onions are a very rare hybrid; produced when 2 different onion species cross pollinated centuries ago. This particular strain is attributed to a well connected seedsman, F.F. Merceron, trading from Catawissa, Pennsylvania. His topsetting onions were very popular in the seed catalogues of the 1850's and survived on many homesteads and cottage gardens. They aren't readily harvested by mechanised processes like the everyday onions you see in the shops and were almost forgotten. They were rediscovered during the 1970's when a field of onions were found on an old homestead. Some of the offspring of these rare onions were imported from the States and have been growing here in the UK ever since.

Interesting for Children

My grandaughter loves picking a blade leaf and eating it straight from the garden. She seems to enjoy the sweet peppery taste, preferring them to other onions we grow. It's also easy for her to handle the young bulbils to plant up her own pots and watch them grow

Healthy Bulbs Grown This Season

We supply only healthy bulbils from this seasons growth that can be planted out now and will supply from the same stock we use ourselves. We also have a limited supply of mature bulbs if you want to get a flying start on an onion patch that can become your own family heirloom

Onion Growing Instructions Included

I include a simple set of growing instructions with every order and am happy to answer any questions

Tree Onion Prices: Buy Fresh Bulbils £4.99 for 10

We supply premium quality tree onion bulbils harvested this season at £4.99 per 10 and £1.00 Postage

Buy Mature Tree Onion Bulbs £2.50 each - UK Delivery

We have a limited stock of mature bulbs between 1 and 3 years old that will help you establish your own onion patch quickly. Bulbs are £2.50 each and will be sent parcel post. Delivery cost is £3.95 regardless of quantity. Spring 2018 - Sold Out

Autumn 2018 Offer - 50 Bulbils - Fresh New Season Bulbils

Buy 50 Bulbils for only £15.99 and get FREE UK Delivery. This offer will apply to the first 10 orders only and won't be repeated this year

Autumn 2018 Offer - 30 Bulbils - Fresh New Season Bulbils

Buy 30 Bulbils for only £10.99 and get FREE UK Delivery. While stocks last

Posted Within 24 Hours

We aim to send out all orders within 1 working day for bulbils and small parcels

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Just use the contact email address and let us know what you want. We'll send you a Paypal invoice. We're happy to answer any questions.